Definition of excitable in English:



  • 1Responding too readily to something new or stimulating; easily excited.

    ‘a rather excitable young man’
    • ‘Evidentally, this is an effective way for her to keep herself calm because she is easily excitable.’
    • ‘He drank round the clock, became tense, excitable and uninterested in what he himself had created.’
    • ‘They have to be more patient, less emotional, more deliberative, less excitable.’
    • ‘They are passionate, excitable and talkative about all sport - at least sport as it is played Down Under where, by the way, this column is coming to you from.’
    • ‘The most easily excitable ones immediately interpreted his comments to mean that he thought women were dumb.’
    • ‘The president, meanwhile, seemed excitable, edgy and sometimes ungrounded.’
    • ‘The Artisan Child is highly active, easily excitable, likes taking risks and getting into mischief.’
    • ‘His coolly rationalist approach to religion was complemented by an excitable temperament and a taste for the picaresque.’
    • ‘It is not true, she says, that the English are not emotional or excitable.’
    • ‘Once the heat of the day has passed and the sun starts to set, a steady trickle of excitable youngsters drag their parents and grandparents to the banks of the river.’
    • ‘Where else but my established favorite place of relaxation, where my ever excitable brain can, and often does, fall peacefully asleep in mid-debate.’
    • ‘Such erratic behaviour, it would emerge, was typical of Wilson, a man known in the local community as being a quiet, if excitable, young man, of rather low intelligence.’
    • ‘Research has shown even casual smoking during pregnancy can make newborn babies jittery, more excitable and more difficult to console than babies born to non-smokers.’
    • ‘He is a very excitable young man who absolutely loves what he does.’
    • ‘‘There is an overly excitable mood amongst the political classes, and the game is far from clear yet,’ says one senior government source.’
    • ‘Once again, plenty of turn-out time and correct feeding for the type of work the horse is doing, will help to calm an excitable temperament.’
    • ‘The easily excitable man with the curly hair has decided to join myself and Jared in this little experiment and has already posted his first song.’
    • ‘Cattle from one source were calm and handled easily, whereas cattle from the other source were easily excitable and difficult to handle.’
    • ‘There's a word we have for friends that can be a little emotional like that: excitable.’
    • ‘In the first phase of his public career before 1914 he was widely regarded as a young man in a hurry who was self-centred and excitable.’
    temperamental, mercurial, volatile, emotional, sensitive, highly strung, easily upset, easily agitated, easily frightened, unstable, nervous, tense, brittle, edgy, jumpy, twitchy, skittish, unsettled, uneasy, neurotic
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  • 2(of tissue or a cell) responsive to stimulation.

    ‘these alkaloids act on nerve cells to make them more excitable’
    • ‘So far, models for electrically excitable cells only could predict enhancement of calcium load during release.’
    • ‘Voltage-sensitive Na + channels are responsible for the upstroke of the action potential in excitable cells.’
    • ‘Voltage-gated sodium channels are found in most excitable tissues like nerve, heart, and muscle.’
    • ‘It is demonstrated that gel-immobilized cell organelles reveal features of an excitable medium.’
    • ‘Potassium channels play fundamental roles in excitable cells.’
    • ‘The authors review excitable membrane potentials and neurotransmitters.’
    • ‘It is the most excitable part of the neuron and the site at which the nerve impulse is initiated.’
    • ‘K + channels are a large and diverse group of proteins that occur in most membranes of excitable and inexcitable cells.’
    • ‘Heart cells, like other electrically excitable cells, become inexcitable for a brief period after each action potential.’
    • ‘Other studies demonstrated wavelength-dependent responses in excitable cells.’
    • ‘However, the sodium channel inactivation gates are open in the hyperpolarized virtual anode region, causing the tissue to be excitable.’
    • ‘Cellular calcium dynamics are subject to stringent spatio-temporal control, especially in excitable cells.’
    • ‘First, lots of excitable tissues have narrow calcium channels and multiple connections.’
    • ‘The voltage-gated Na + channel is critical for depolarization and conduction in most excitable cells.’
    • ‘Voltage-gated channels are essential proteins for the functioning of excitable tissues.’