Definition of exchangeability in English:


Pronunciation /ɛkstʃeɪndʒəˈbɪlɪti//ɪkstʃeɪndʒəˈbɪlɪti/


  • See exchange

    • ‘The cinematic image is freed from its traditional image character through the exchangeability and simulation of its signifiers.’
    • ‘Another feature is that a given amino acid can belong to several distinct classes, indicating that context-dependent amino-acid exchangeability is an important aspect of protein evolution.’
    • ‘If, additionally, a study employs random assignment, then exchangeability derives from the randomization performed, and the randomization test supports internal validity as well as statistical validity.’
    • ‘Adorno argues that the belief that true thinking may simply be equated with correct predicative thinking both reflects and enables the imperative to a universal exchangeability of objects within organised economic life.’
    • ‘Attempts to classify amino acid changes according to their evolutionary exchangeability have been briefly noted.’
    • ‘Vision acquires a previously unknown flexibility and autonomy: ‘what occurs is a new valuation of visual experience: it is given an unprecedented mobility and exchangeability, abstracted from any founding site or referent’.’
    • ‘Yellowhammer, attempting to prevent Moll from escaping to meet the man she loves, equates her in value and exchangeability to the bullion or coins in his shop: ‘I will lock up this baggage, / As carefully as my gold ’.’
    • ‘The latter was in contrast to the definition proposed ten years earlier which specified exchangeability as an essential asset characteristic.’
    • ‘It does not require exchangeability of that which is called an asset; therefore it allows all expenditures to be considered for inclusion as assets.’
    • ‘Such essentialism turns profane spaces into sites that are released from any constraint as to their exchangeability and exploitation.’
    • ‘It is categorically mistaken to wish, as Bloom does, for limitless exchangeability in the sphere of familial relations, just as it is categorically mistaken to wish for absolute difference or singularity in the sphere of civic finance.’
    • ‘Both authors are committed to the idea of accounting for business activity using exit values, and advocate the basic accounting principles of exchangeability for assets and future cash outflow for liabilities.’
    • ‘The members of Crass also attempted to mediate between the two poles of the commodity - use-value and exchange-value - by de-emphasizing their commodities' exchangeability expressed as a price.’
    • ‘It does not require exchangeability, and therefore it allows all expenditures to be considered for inclusion as assets.’
    • ‘The elegant exchangeability of the ASG comes with a cost: it lends itself only to very computationally intensive techniques.’
    • ‘He advocates criteria such as exchangeability for assets and future cash outflows for liabilities.’
    • ‘Ideally, each set should be a complete set, a randomly chosen subset, or, at the very least, an arbitrary subset based on some factor (typically, experimental convenience) extraneous to the issues raised by exchangeability.’
    • ‘For the body that stands for exchangeability and use is female.’
    • ‘The photograph, the performance, and the statue, in turn, point directly toward that ideal exchangeability.’
    • ‘The facility with which extensions to the coalescent can be made depends on this problem of exchangeability.’