Definition of exceptionally in English:



  • 1To a greater degree than normal; unusually.

    as submodifier ‘the weather was exceptionally mild for the time of the year’
    • ‘Their exceptionally close relationship ended with the death of Raisa in 1999.’
    • ‘Our minors have been performing exceptionally well at the moment.’
    • ‘The car is also exceptionally roomy in every direction, with real lounging space in the rear.’
    • ‘In Mayo the results were greeted with general satisfaction by teachers and students alike with some exceptionally high marks recorded.’
    • ‘Neighbourhood network programmes have shown exceptionally good success rates everywhere.’
    • ‘This may, in turn, let farmers use a lower application rate without having to use exceptionally small nozzles.’
    • ‘Their upper surfaces, however, vary from convex to exceptionally flat.’
    • ‘Finally, exceptionally bad weather caused serious declines in output independently of all the other factors.’
    • ‘Upon receiving the sundial, my friend was exceptionally pleased with the unique gift.’
    • ‘In every vintage, this winery produced exceptionally good wines of perfect elegance.’
    • ‘A large shuttered sash window overlooking the communal square makes this an exceptionally bright area.’
    • ‘The lambs are finished exclusively on the marsh, only coming above the high water mark for exceptionally high tides.’
    • ‘Rumoured to be an exceptionally talented artist, he continues to work with oil paints today.’
    • ‘They may come around, but the evidence will have to be exceptionally compelling.’
    • ‘A few years back, the publican had invested in a large extension following an exceptionally good summer.’
    • ‘The claim submitted by the Referring Party is based on exceptionally poor material.’
    • ‘This is some very fine music by a band with an exceptionally rich collective imagination.’
    • ‘The authors do an exceptionally good job in mocking the social Communism of major industrial cities of Russia.’
    • ‘Barriers to entry into the French political elite are exceptionally high.’
    • ‘The exceptionally strong revenues we have seen over the first six months of 2000 have changed the landscape.’
    unusually, uncommonly, abnormally, atypically, extraordinarily, unexpectedly, surprisingly
    outstandingly, extraordinarily, remarkably, exceedingly, especially, specially, phenomenally, prodigiously
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    1. 1.1 Only in unusual circumstances.
      ‘the court allows half an hour in most cases, one hour exceptionally for a very important case’
      • ‘Exceptionally, international institutions perform functions more appropriately described as international resource management.’
      • ‘Reproductions made by professional photographers can only be authorised exceptionally.’
      • ‘He called upon the educationists to join hands for formulating a strategy that benefits all rather than exceptionally a few.’
      • ‘Scores lower than 4 were found only exceptionally.’
      • ‘However, exceptionally, Parliament has affected the validity of a contract by intervening to refuse funding.’