Definition of examinee in English:


Pronunciation /ɪɡzamɪˈniː//ɛɡzamɪˈniː/


  • See examine

    • ‘The examination of the Haryana Public Service Commission was scheduled for today, but a number of examinees from the township were caught in the traffic jam and could not reach the venue (Lajpat Rai Bhavan), Chandigarh, in time.’
    • ‘Last night I was praying that none of the examinees would need to use the toilet.’
    • ‘He ordered a body search and seized two gunny bags full of notes, chits and books from the examinees… in a brazen move the examinees then walked out of the examination hall and resorted to wanton vandalism.’
    • ‘An education system constructed around the ability to pass tests will produce efficient examinees, but not much else.’
    • ‘Then we distribute them to the examinees, harp at them on how to fill things out, make sure the serial numbers match, etc.’
    • ‘He said one-third of examinees are expected to be police, judges, judicial officials and prosecutors, one-third to be university graduates majoring in law and one-third to come from other industries.’
    • ‘‘My parents were very proud of us because both of us could go to universities, the only ones out of more than 70 examinees in our neighbourhood,’ said Cao.’
    • ‘This means you got a scholarship without even applying, because you were among the top 10 examinees.’
    • ‘The university permits examinees to pull out up until just before their last exam, and to resit the following year.’
    • ‘More than 160,000 examinees are admitted nationwide as MA candidates.’
    • ‘All examinees are required to press on a finger print reader and to take a picture with the small webcam.’
    • ‘Since the third examination, a constant 17% to 20% of the examinees have been repeat candidates who previously failed the test.’
    • ‘Fellow examinees shuffled spare pens, snacks, lucky gonks as I cracked my knuckles.’
    • ‘The question on the dissection of a frog caused outrage among last year's Leaving Cert examinees, but the overall difficulty of yesterday's exams angered many.’
    • ‘Regardless of what level of education anyone is at, exams can push the stress levels beyond the normal remit and hopefully those living with examinees will make life as comfortable as possible.’
    • ‘Furthermore, all of the questions seemed to be to the point, rather than piddling 2-mark questions that invited the examinee to discuss some vague topic.’
    • ‘For English exam, I even got the highest score (900 in standard scoring system) among all the 500,000 examinees.’
    • ‘Ancient examinees concealed written materials in the belt and tied it around their waist.’
    • ‘He was much esteemed in the neighbourhood for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the guide as well as of exam papers, and aspiring examinees would often drop in to seek his blessings.’
    • ‘One of the most important annual events of the nation was held on Wednesday with about 670,000 high school students and repeat examinees taking the government-administered test for college entrance across the country.’