Definition of ex-nuptial in English:



NZ, Australian
  • (of a child) born of parents not lawfully married to each other.

    ‘the court can make orders with respect to ex-nuptial children’
    • ‘There was no power to adjudicate the evidence to that degree because the child was an ex-nuptial child.’
    • ‘The Act refers jurisdiction over ex-nuptial children effectively to the Family Court.’
    • ‘I could stand my children in front of you side by side, and ask you to pick which one was the ex-nuptial child.’
    • ‘Measures include reducing welfare dependency, especially lengthy spells on welfare, and reducing ex-nuptial births particularly among teenagers.’
    • ‘The percentage of ex-nuptial births remained below 10% of all births until the 1960s.’
    • ‘He was an ex-nuptial child and I had never really appreciated what that means.’
    • ‘The action seeks to raise issues in respect of an ex-nuptial child fathered by the plaintiff.’
    • ‘It is open to the States to make different laws with respect to the guardianship and custody, fostering and adoption of ex-nuptial children.’
    • ‘We're seeing high divorce rates, high ex-nuptial birth rates, and the highest juvenile crime rates in our history.’
    • ‘The State of Queensland can legislate with respect to the guardianship and custody of ex-nuptial children.’