Definition of everywhere in English:



  • 1In or to all places.

    ‘I've looked everywhere’
    ‘everywhere she went she was feted’
    • ‘Only the children run and shriek and throw stones and wrestle like children everywhere, making balls out of rags.’
    • ‘In other words, the technology must fail always and everywhere, which it clearly does not.’
    • ‘He reasoned that time was constant, that it applied everywhere in the universe in exactly the same way.’
    • ‘It's not always possible to walk or cycle everywhere and for many people cars are essential.’
    • ‘Naturally they're seldom alone, as people seem to invite them everywhere.’
    • ‘Centralised economic management has failed everywhere it has been tried.’
    • ‘I am always busy and so try to drive everywhere as quickly as possible.’
    • ‘It could be a ticket to a career, but critics call them an affront to women everywhere.’
    • ‘The integration of custom and the West is everywhere you look, especially in the churches.’
    • ‘Big capitalists everywhere are always a bit resentful of bigger capitalists.’
    • ‘There is a growing consensus, everywhere except Downing Street, that this is the way forward.’
    • ‘His career is enough to give hope to struggling thespians everywhere.’
    • ‘It seems that human baldness is attractive everywhere except on the head.’
    • ‘It is the prayerful longing of people everywhere for universal peace and fraternity.’
    • ‘The laws against the Jews were not, however, everywhere the same, nor were they always fully enforced.’
    • ‘Nova Scotia is no exception; everywhere you go there are pipers belting out tunes.’
    • ‘The low-velocity zone occurs almost everywhere, except perhaps under cratonic areas.’
    • ‘He is a sore loser who wants to win at all costs, always and everywhere.’
    • ‘On the one hand, Lee suggests that audiences are being underestimated everywhere.’
    • ‘The girl was to take it everywhere she went and always to be aware that it was with her.’
    1. 1.1 Common or widely distributed.
      ‘sandwich bars are everywhere’
      • ‘Broadband is everywhere in abundance - except where it is needed, in the final mile to the home.’
      • ‘It is nice to walk through our high street and not see litter everywhere.’
      • ‘To Lease signs are everywhere in what was once one of Manhattan's premier districts.’
      • ‘They are a common bird in Florida and they can be seen everywhere nesting on telegraph poles.’
      • ‘Yes, it is everywhere now, and you are probably sick of hearing about it.’
      • ‘The entire place had ice everywhere and a majority of the houses were made of crystal.’
      • ‘In Venezuela you can buy these everywhere, in roadside stalls and cafes.’
      • ‘The main focus should be spread out all over Canada, because there are great acts everywhere.’
      • ‘Spaghetti may be everywhere but flat leaf parsley is still not widely available in Dumfries.’
      • ‘If I'd won the Booker or the Commonwealth Prize my books would have been everywhere.’
      • ‘Gas is a common fuel, it is pumped everywhere and all of us live and work in the vicinity of gas pipes.’
      • ‘As it says on office walls everywhere, the boss isn't always right, but he's always the boss.’
      • ‘But now it's got to the stage where people don't mention it at all because it's just everywhere.’
      • ‘They are on sale everywhere but here you can still smell the smoke.’
      • ‘She's terrified because well, there are guns and stuff everywhere and the dog is just a puppy.’
      • ‘They were everywhere and, yes, many different styles, but always brown and blue.’
      • ‘She had friends everywhere and she was always smiling - right up until the day she died.’
      • ‘The union flag was everywhere and all the Commonwealth flags were out.’
      • ‘There was so much blood and glass everywhere it was hard to tell what you were looking at.’
      • ‘He said paving slabs had been tipped up and there was mud everywhere.’
      all over, all around, in all places, in every place, in every spot, in every part, in every nook and cranny, in each place, far and wide, near and far, high and low, here and there, here, there, and everywhere, throughout the land, the world over, worldwide
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mass noun
  • All places or directions.

    ‘everywhere was in darkness’


  • everywhere else

    • In all other places.

      ‘they are the same machines used everywhere else in the world’
      • ‘In fairness, we're not too badly off everywhere else, touch wood.’
      • ‘People want to live in York because of its high quality of life and they come shopping or visit because the city is different from everywhere else.’
      • ‘They do, but people everywhere else are far more tolerant of indolence.’
      • ‘Since then tobacco use has increased just like everywhere else, but the current government has been determined to crack down.’
      • ‘Pinched everywhere else, he spent all he could save on books.’
      • ‘Our role is to make everywhere else look good by comparison!’
      • ‘But it turns out that political imperative prevails in New Zealand as it does everywhere else.’
      • ‘After all, this sort of thing happens frequently in university, and everywhere else for that matter.’
      • ‘The future of democracy in Australia and everywhere else depends upon the way in which each serves the community.’
      • ‘Whilst there is not a particular bullying problem in Cumbria, he believes it is fairly common, as it is everywhere else in the country.’


Middle English: formerly also as two words.