Definition of everyplace in English:



North American
  • Everywhere.

    • ‘She said everyplace we go we need that network, whether it is at a fort in the United States or in the Middle East, and we need that network to securely deliver information.’
    • ‘But everyplace wants to be anyplace now, and vice versa.’
    • ‘During those giddy 1990s, everyplace claimed to be the next silicon boomtown.’
    • ‘Humans carry this private world around in their dreamy mind everyplace they frequent.’
    • ‘You know I can't remember everyplace - although I could retrace my path, if I needed to.’
    • ‘These wacky, often surreal numbers were shot everyplace from the local zoo to minimalist sound stages to colorful cardboard sets standing in for Bombay, London, Hell, or less identifiable realms.’
    • ‘Mostly off the wall, but also out of class, and from inside their homes down the road, everyplace imaginable was emptying into the very limited space of this grassy clearing between the schools privacy wall and the building itself.’
    • ‘Our lakes are crystal clear - you can see the bottom almost everyplace you anchor.’
    • ‘I was driven out of everyplace I had tried to make my own.’
    • ‘Electricity supplies were disrupted and everyplace was in darkness from about 7p.m. until midnight when electric power was restored.’
    • ‘And I'd had a baby, and I was traveling and working alone while he was in the Army and taking my baby with me everyplace, and it was very difficult, and the phone calls and all of that.’
    • ‘The sun and the moon shine always and give their rays to everyplace near or far.’
    • ‘I criss-crossed the western United States, and at the time nearly everyplace had some vestige of tiki culture.’
    • ‘Just like everyplace, and every town, sometimes it just seems the good families, and the good people who are supposed to be here, can't manage to find some of the others, the wounded souls near them, who need them most.’
    • ‘She had always protected herself from heartbreak, because she had been through a lot already, she had to leave everyplace she went just as she was setting down roots.’
    • ‘And like any soloist, she can't be everyplace at once, so she's trying to leverage her time.’
    • ‘But she calls almost every day to say that she misses him, and when we visit them she accompanies us everyplace.’
    • ‘He seems small everyplace but on a bike, and that is how it should be.’
    • ‘Back in Boston, I used to supplement my income routinely winning football pools everyplace I worked.’
    • ‘It was party time every place, house, bar and restaurant, and, in the warmer zones, beach and outdoor cooking everyplace.’