Definition of evening grosbeak in English:

evening grosbeak


  • A grosbeak native to North America, with yellow colouring.

    Coccothraustes vespertinus

    • ‘Black oil sunflower seeds are relished by chickadees, evening grosbeaks, cardinals and finches, and are less attractive to non-native sparrows and starlings.’
    • ‘Black oil sunflower and niger thistle seeds bring in seed-eaters such as evening grosbeaks, goldfinches, house finches, pine siskins, purple finches, scrub jays, and Steller's jays.’
    • ‘Other birds - such as pine siskins, crossbills, evening grosbeaks, snow buntings, and some blue jays - fly south to Massachusetts from Canada.’
    • ‘Seedeaters such as evening grosbeaks, goldfinches, and pine siskins prefer black oil sunflower and niger thistle.’