Definition of even so in English:

even so


  • In spite of that; nevertheless.

    ‘not the most exciting of places, but even so I was having a good time’
    • ‘But even so, there is a precedent for the adoption by the far Left of fascist and anti-Semitic doctrines.’
    • ‘But even so a lot of women's families seem to feel obliged to pay for the shindig, alone.’
    • ‘It took a big chunk out of the morning but even so the third bedroom got its final dabs of paint and was declared finished well before the close of day.’
    • ‘They don't seem to be in a rush but it's good to see them even so.’
    • ‘Those who are skilled will get ahead - but even so, skills are not enough.’
    • ‘His trees and bushes effectively hide his house from view, but even so, it's pretty hard to miss.’
    • ‘But even so, his fall from grace should not have factored into the equation.’
    • ‘It wasn't a fast run but even so I was almost sorry when I pulled up at the dealer's, turned off the engine and stepped out.’
    • ‘We've had some rain this past couple of weeks but even so the earth is dry and parched still, inclined to ring like a hollow log as the hoe works.’
    • ‘I am sure I thanked them there and then but, even so, I should like to say thank you to them through the letters pages.’
    nevertheless, nonetheless, all the same, just the same, anyway, anyhow, still, yet, however, notwithstanding, despite that, in spite of that, for all that, be that as it may, in any event, at any rate
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