Definition of evaluative in English:



  • Based on or relating to an assessment to form an idea of the value of something.

    ‘supervisors are making evaluative judgements of their work’
    ‘you will need to demonstrate analytical and evaluative skills’
    • ‘The present study investigated the development of self-esteem, that is, evaluative judgments about the self, across six years, from childhood to adolescence, in a Finnish sample.’
    • ‘Females are subject to greater evaluative pressure concerning appearance.’
    • ‘The first, body-image evaluation, denotes individuals' evaluative thoughts and beliefs about their physical appearance.’
    • ‘The on-line library included facilities for users of its research documents to generate an assessment of the material used; such assessments then provided evaluative guides for other potential users of the same material.’
    • ‘I also do not wish to engage in an evaluative comparison of Hale's novel with the works of other more celebrated American Indian authors.’
    • ‘Such thinking is primarily evaluative: options or alternatives are evaluated and a decision is made.’
    • ‘Of course, we can invoke the fact that spanking causes pain as evidence that it is wrong, but in order to reach the conclusion that it is wrong, we need an evaluative premise such as causing pain is wrong.’
    • ‘The HR manager said her company wouldn't use fun weekends as an evaluative exercise.’
    • ‘A book review -- which can appear in a journal, magazine or newspaper -- provides a descriptive, evaluative discussion of a recently published book.’
    • ‘Initially, I try to keep the students focused on asking what problems mean, rather than asking them for immediate evaluative judgements or counter arguments.’