Definition of euryhaline in English:



  • (of an aquatic organism) able to tolerate a wide range of salinity.

    Often contrasted with stenohaline
    • ‘The crustacean hepatopancreas expresses a variety of transporters, but little attention has been paid to their possible involvement in osmoregulation by euryhaline species.’
    • ‘Marine sponges are an essential and highly diverse component of marine benthic communities, ranging from the euryhaline estuarine, to intertidal, to the deep-sea.’
    • ‘Species that are able to efficiently osmoregulate are generally euryhaline.’
    • ‘Similar phenomena occur in terrestrial and euryhaline aquatic isopods.’
    • ‘Although these represent a small number of the euryhaline species, they are widely separated in the evolution of teleosts, suggesting that the osmoregulatory action of GH and IGFI may also be widespread among teleosts.’


Late 19th century: from Greek eurus wide + halinos of salt.