Definition of Eurocommunism in English:



mass noun
  • A political system advocated by some communist parties in western European countries, which stresses independence from the former Soviet Communist Party and advocates the preservation of many elements of Western liberal democracy.

    • ‘In Western Europe, the long postwar boom and the lack of progress made by the Communist parties there led in the 1970s to the emergence of a trend known as Eurocommunism.’
    • ‘But that whole concept of Eurocommunism or African communism is against the basic thrust of history.’
    • ‘Leaders of the latter attacked Eurocommunism, and it was stalwartly defended by the Spanish leader and others.’
    • ‘Yet Eurocommunism made the same decision in Western Europe after the war: to cooperate with Christian Democracy and to struggle for the revolution peacefully, by changing public perceptions.’
    • ‘At the time it also developed a party line that came to resemble Eurocommunism, ostensibly independent of both the USSR and China.’
    • ‘The rising tide of Eurocommunism in southern Europe (particularly in Italy, France, and Spain) since the mid-1970s also worried the United States much more than the Europeans.’
    • ‘In Latin Europe, the communist parties weakened as the era of Eurocommunism waned.’