Definition of euphonium in English:



  • A valved brass musical instrument of tenor pitch, resembling a small tuba.

    • ‘And when a most plendiferous maths teacher and player of the bass guitar, tuba and euphonium arranged for me to learn the flute at secondary school, I thought to myself: Right.’
    • ‘Played upon the euphonium (a perfect choice for the high baritone Hobbit, I think) it is simple, gay and carefree.’
    • ‘Joanne not only played the violin, viola, euphonium, piano and cello, but she and her brother, Mark, 19, who is studying engineering at Durham University, were the first brother and sister to be choristers at Ripon Cathedral.’
    • ‘Matthew, aged 14, attends Chetham's School of Music where he plays the euphonium, trombone and piano.’
    • ‘‘Berlin, in area, is the same size as London,’ he informed me in that emphatic, punctilious way that Germans have with English, as if there were a euphonium playing in their heads.’
    • ‘For the past 31 years, Jean has played the euphonium in Amesbury Town Band, of which she is now one of the oldest members.’
    • ‘Their music is every bit as evangelical and utopian as Tori's political beliefs, stumbling ever - forwards on waves of honking euphonium.’
    • ‘Apart from patriotic music, all bands played both English and Indian music with two circular bass, two euphoniums, eight trumpets, two bass drums, four kettle drums and a cymbal.’
    • ‘But burglars broke into the band's headquarters in Silkstone, near Barnsley, on Wednesday night and took equipment valued at about £25,000 including two euphoniums and a drum kit.’
    • ‘For Arabian Dance, one of the trombones was replaced by a euphonium, which makes for such a different sound, in company with the tuba, yet entirely graceful.’
    • ‘Among the collection's highlights are the double slide contrabass trombone which inspired Wagner to write for the instrument in his Ring Cycle, a crystal glass flute and an early euphonium.’
    • ‘Heckelphone, ondes-martenot, tubax, contrabassoon, serpent, octobasse, flugelhorn, euphonium are examples of musical instruments whose sex appeal does not live up to their exotic sounding names.’
    • ‘A cornet player like her husband and fellow band member Ted, known as the singing postman, her son Mike is now in the band, playing euphonium.’
    • ‘He is principal euphonium with the world famous Black Dyke Mills Band, plays with the European Tuba Quartet and is in demand as a soloist.’
    • ‘The euphonium differs from the B baritone saxhorn at the same pitch in being considerably wider in bore.’
    • ‘He has been bandmaster of the Morawa Brass Band since 1960, but began with the band in 1948 playing the euphonium.’
    • ‘Company bosses also made the unusual donation of a euphonium to the school as part of the launch.’
    • ‘So she took up the euphonium, a smaller horn that is a member of the tuba family.’
    • ‘John also played the euphonium and the tuba with the Wiltshire Constabulary's band and the Wessex Wind Band.’
    • ‘Our four talented actor-musicians show their versatility by playing a dozen instruments including cello, violin, euphonium, guitar, trumpet and accordion.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek euphōnos having a pleasing sound + -ium.