Definition of euonymus in English:



  • A shrub or small tree that is widely cultivated for its autumn colours and bright fruit.

    Genus Euonymus, family Celastraceae: numerous species, including the spindle tree

    • ‘She also wanted to keep the silver and gold euonymus and yellow jasmine that grow by the front door, and a vigorous Fuchsia ‘Riccartonii’.’
    • ‘Try to include some evergreens in your design, such as ivies or euonymus if you want all-year-round cover.’
    • ‘White splashed evergreen euonymus and two white flowered campanula add further cool tones to the group while the thin bronze foliage of a clump forming grass gives good contrast.’
    • ‘Eucalyptus, for example, looks good tied into a bunch with long strands of raffia or tartan ribbon, as does euonymus and cotoneaster.’
    • ‘A variegated euonymus stands near the dining pavilion, drawing the eye down towards its pale presence, contrasting with the grey of the slate and brown of the walls.’


Modern Latin (named by Linnaeus), from Latin euonymos, from Greek euōnumos ‘having an auspicious or honoured name’, from eus ‘good’ + onoma ‘name’.