Definition of estop in English:



[WITH OBJECT]usually be estopped from
  • Bar or preclude by estoppel:

    ‘the company may be estopped from denying either statement’
    • ‘As a matter of law the claimant is thereby estopped from bringing the present claim.’
    • ‘The Court of Appeal held that by standing by and encouraging the woman to believe the house was now hers, he was estopped from denying that this was the case.’
    • ‘Your Honour, the first defendant's position is that the plaintiff is either estopped from bringing these proceedings or the proceedings constitute an abuse of process.’
    • ‘Taking all these factors into consideration, I find that the plaintiffs are estopped from making this claim at this late stage.’
    • ‘By reason thereof, the Claimant is estopped from denying that he is entitled to use the driveway for those purposes.’


Late Middle English (in the sense ‘stop up, dam, plug’): from Old French estopper stop up, impede, from late Latin stuppare, from Latin stuppa tow, oakum. Compare with stop and stuff.