Definition of establishment in English:



  • 1mass noun The action of establishing something or being established.

    ‘the establishment of an independent government’
    • ‘Cosgrove thanked the previous committee for their work and strongly recommended the establishment of a new committee.’
    • ‘Wahid proposed the establishment of an independent monitoring commission to work toward peace, but was ousted in July 2001.’
    • ‘Preventing the establishment of a state religion is quite clearly a permissible goal under Locke.’
    • ‘Bush also proposed the establishment of a democracy fund within the U.N. in an effort to spread democracy and stability.’
    • ‘Last week councils welcomed the establishment of the commission.’
    • ‘The party also opposes the establishment of a separate Tamil state and the various devolution packages.’
    • ‘Other key pledges include the establishment of crime prevention funds for various neighbourhoods.’
    • ‘Does your party support the establishment of a criminal tribunal to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity in East Timor?’
    • ‘He advocated the immediate establishment of an ad hoc reform committee.’
    • ‘In 1917 the British issued the Balfour Declaration, which advocated the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine.’
    • ‘The Council recommended the establishment of an independent tribunal, plus further rights of appeal.’
    • ‘Do you support the establishment of a Palestinian state?’
    • ‘China is advocating the establishment of a free-trade zone encompassing China and ASEAN.’
    • ‘The plan proposes the establishment of a new village centre at The Quay.’
    • ‘On 17 August 1945 they heard a radio message from Jakarta announcing the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia.’
    setting up, start, getting going, initiation, institution, formation, founding, foundation, inception, creation, inauguration, organization, building, construction, installation
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    1. 1.1archaic count noun A marriage.
      ‘her chief solicitude was to procure an affluent establishment for their daughter’
  • 2A business organization, public institution, or household.

    ‘hotels or catering establishments’
    • ‘There are more than 1.1 million retail establishments across the country, an average of one every three square miles.’
    • ‘The waiters and staff of the establishment were clearly not amused.’
    • ‘Product mix and how a retail establishment looks play huge roles in attracting customers.’
    • ‘It's very nice that your establishment requires their staff to dress up for Halloween.’
    business, place of business, premises, firm, company, concern, enterprise, venture, organization, operation, undertaking, industry
    institution, place, premises, foundation, institute
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  • 3A group in a society exercising power and influence over matters of policy, opinion, or taste, and seen as resisting change.

    ‘he scandalized the Establishment of his day’
    as modifier ‘she became an establishment figure’
    • ‘A whole generation of anti-Establishment activists now works in run-of-the-mill Establishment jobs.’
    • ‘To be sure, no one has ever proved that the government has mined the central database to single out anyone for criticizing the Establishment.’
    • ‘Beginning in the 1950s, David was to claim a place among the postwar Establishment that ran America and much of the world.’
    • ‘Steve Earle has never really been a member of the Establishment, either socially or professionally.’
    • ‘But the new British Establishment hates standards of any kind.’
    • ‘It is high time someone kicked back at our new Establishment masters.’
    • ‘Establishment politicians don't quite seem to grasp the changes that are sweeping through the country.’
    • ‘His record as governor is that of a typical, establishment politician.’
    • ‘It makes no difference, which gets elected, they are fundamentally the same and their purpose is to protect the Establishment and capitalism.’
    • ‘Yet, in many ways, those who lead openly far right parties, even if they are highly articulate, are not the most dangerous for the current British Establishment.’
    • ‘But all his kindness has earned him not the thanks of the toffee-nosed British Establishment but their supercilious contempt.’
    • ‘An establishment figure, he has all the airs and graces of his social position.’
    • ‘1968 was a tumultuous year, not only within the film industry but throughout the world, as social protests and political movements shook the Establishment.’
    • ‘Instead, they attacked the Establishment, from all sides.’
    • ‘Establishment figures with titles can talk nonsense and we'll still believe them.’
    the powers that be, the authorities, the system, the ruling class, the regime, bureaucracy, officialdom
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    1. 3.1with adjective or noun modifier An influential group within a specified profession or area of activity.
      ‘rumblings of discontent among the medical establishment’
      • ‘There's more trouble tonight for the embattled Canberra defence intelligence establishment.’
      • ‘But the political Establishment are not about to take the blame for the mess - certainly not with elections looming.’
      • ‘The attitude of Honduran Americans in general to the American medical establishment is one of suspicion.’
      • ‘The entire political and media establishment agrees on the goal of the war.’
      • ‘When did the medical establishment get behind this approach?’
      • ‘He rejected the proposals as an ultimatum imposed by the British military establishment.’
      • ‘In the last months, the entire political establishment has plunged into an unprecedented crisis.’
      • ‘Even the political Establishment is starting to understand that.’
      • ‘This whole episode really does display the timidity of the mainstream media, more interested in striking deals with the political Establishment rather than interrogating and attacking it.’
      • ‘The entire Democratic political establishment has abandoned him.’
      • ‘This sort of history teaching has long been out of fashion among our post-modernist educational establishment.’
      • ‘He was a lukewarm supporter of the war, a voice of the old-line Republican foreign policy establishment.’
      • ‘Charles Wood's script, which uses a stylised form of period dialogue, offers a waspish satire of the Victorian military Establishment.’
      • ‘Once, the family could count on its extensive connections within the Turkish political Establishment.’
      • ‘My aim is to open the political Establishment's eyes and convince them of the need for fundamental reform.’
      • ‘The political and bureaucratic Establishment that has so consistently mis-analysed the process of European integration has a related vision.’
  • 4The ecclesiastical system organized by law.

    1. 4.1 The Church of England or of Scotland.
      • ‘If one out of ten English parishes were unattended to by ministers of the Establishment, nine out of ten souls in the islands were not served at all by its clergy.’