Definition of escape the clutches (or grip) of in English:

escape the clutches (or grip) of


  • Break free from the control or grasp of.

    ‘thank heavens she'd escaped his clutches in time’
    • ‘The days of desperately trying to escape the clutches of some crashing bore in the corner of a nightclub are long gone.’
    • ‘A quick-witted charity worker escaped the clutches of telephone tricksters following a warning from his residents' association.’
    • ‘Every child in Britain is to be given a crash course in how to escape the clutches of chat room paedophiles, under plans revealed yesterday.’
    • ‘It is thought one of the would-be bombers escaped the clutches of police and passers-by after a chase outside a tube station in south London.’
    • ‘Two sisters who escaped the clutches of the Nazis in wartime Czechoslovakia and then Hungary were living 85 miles apart in northern Israel, each not knowing that the other had survived.’
    • ‘A man held hostage in a bedsit for more than 10 days was free last night after escaping the clutches of a gunman.’
    • ‘He spoke of his relief at escaping the clutches of Hurricane Ivan.’
    • ‘An 11-year-old girl escaped the clutches of a would-be kidnapper when a police car passed by chance.’