Definition of ergo in English:



  • Therefore.

    ‘she was the sole beneficiary of the will, ergo the prime suspect’
    • ‘Their supporters have trod the same ground in the past: No one was indicted; ergo, the actions were honorable.’
    • ‘It's that their criticisms tend so much towards the intellectual snob snap dismissal: it's sold millions, it's popular, ergo it's for the plebs.’
    • ‘They see themselves as a class, a clique, and cannot conceive that any way but their way is right, ergo any attempt to change things must be borne of spite rather than common sense.’
    • ‘As such it's designed to work solely from the viewers' perspective, ergo pointing out that it's more about audience manipulation than it is about good storytelling.’
    • ‘Part of the reason that we're not in a far greater mess is because we have a low population density, ergo, we must have less people.'’
    • ‘Craig likes Rod, we like Rod, ergo we like Craig.’
    • ‘Still, we ran out of hot water - and ergo no tea or coffee - before Dunkeld and I was turfed out of my seat at Perth by an irate lady who said she'd booked it.’
    • ‘Men are the strong, silent type (and if you believe that, you'll believe anything) - ergo, they are not as emotional as women.’
    • ‘Since he does the whole judge/jury/executioner thing, everybody's out to get him, ergo, he has to make himself as scarce as possible.’
    • ‘I'd patiently explain that the story was about a rotten man who turns good; ergo, we had to establish his rottenness at the beginning.’
    • ‘I still don't know, because I didn't achieve anything while at high school and ergo was not invited to the awards ceremony.’
    • ‘Most noise is created on take-off but, once the aircraft is airborne, the throttle-setting will be reduced, ergo exhaust noise too reduces.’
    • ‘After all they're all human - ergo, they make mistakes, don't they?’
    • ‘One of these days the oil will run out and there will be no internal combustion engines, ergo, no more private cars and the problem of child obesity will be much reduced.’
    • ‘A ‘personal finance’ exhibition is on at the Palace Grounds for the next three days, ergo, all the warm bodies.’
    • ‘Models are thin, ergo clothes come in model sizes.’
    • ‘The recent argument I came across was to cite time as the premise of the argument, followed by asserting it must have a starting point, ergo, someone or something must have started it.’
    • ‘You wake up one morning and folks are insisting on his greatness but you never get to see it; ergo, you never fully accept it.’
    • ‘The British are uptight; ergo, they go on holiday to chill.’
    • ‘Theoretically, this is because there is no air in the perfect vacuum that is space - ergo, no possibility for sound to travel and therefore, no scream.’
    therefore, consequently, so, as a result, as a consequence, hence, thus, accordingly, for that reason, that being so, this being so, that being the case, this being the case, on that account, on this account
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