Definition of eremitical in English:



  • See eremite

    • ‘In time, the eremitical ideal diminished, and wandering gave way to a settled, monastic way of life.’
    • ‘Obviously, other Celtic tales incorporate the same division, and one has to ask whether the eremitical movement is really separable from this myth of withdrawal into innocence.’
    • ‘The best I could find was Raven's Bread - ‘a quarterly newsletter for hermits and those interested in the eremitical life.’’
    • ‘These new orders were all influenced by the eremitical tradition: many indeed emerged from communities of hermits.’
    • ‘When Romanus withdraws into the rugged mountains and takes up life under a pine tree next to a spring, for instance, we see the adaptation of Eastern eremitical forms to the Gallican geographical context.’