Definition of equilibrize in English:


(British equilibrise)


[with object]rare, literary
  • Counteract or equal the effect or importance of; balance.

    • ‘I am entrusted by her Majesty with the task of allegorically depicting seven theological virtues and not three, a number recognized as inadequate to equilibrize the seven deadly sins.’
    • ‘The air necessary to equilibrize the pressure of water, is drawn from the reservoirs at the surface.’
    • ‘Planets less dominant than the sun and moon have, undoubtedly, their share in equilibrizing the waters of the earth.’
    • ‘We were not able to equilibrize the nitrogen balance in the soil even with repeated manuring and the use of mineral nitrogen.’
    • ‘Collisions between particles of equal masses quickly equilibrize their velocities via momentum exchange.’
    counterbalance, balance out, cancel, cancel out, offset, even out, even up, counteract, counterpoise, countervail, equalize, neutralize, nullify, compensate for, make up for
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