Definition of epitomize in English:


(also epitomise)


  • 1Be a perfect example of.

    ‘the company epitomized the problems faced by British industry’
    • ‘But wine, if precious, isn't false: an excellent vintage epitomises the hard-won perfection he hasn't found in work or love.’
    • ‘There is something about them that seems to epitomise local journalism.’
    • ‘She was involved with the Apostolic Workers, which epitomises the type of person Gretta was, always giving her time to charitable causes.’
    • ‘She cites one example which, she says, epitomises the spirit of the club's members.’
    • ‘Sleep is the new 21st century status symbol, epitomised by the ‘power nap’.’
    • ‘These decorative pieces of jewelry epitomized his aesthetic mission to create beautiful works of art in the image of the natural world.’
    • ‘His diplomatic career epitomizes the ideals of patriotism and selfless service.’
    • ‘They lost 18 wickets in a day that epitomised their fragility perfectly.’
    • ‘His personality and his success epitomized the postwar Italian political system, marked by compromise, pragmatism, and an inability to overcome corruption.’
    • ‘But really I think no one would epitomize that true explorer type of individual more than Susan.’
    • ‘I follow, in receiving this award, people whose lives epitomize the constant pressing for change that started long before I came along and is going on in ways big and small across the journalistic landscape.’
    • ‘She epitomizes what it means to live by faith through the power of grace.’
    • ‘We have to work together and the Building in Safety campaign epitomises this approach.’
    • ‘For the Tang people family epitomized the inside world as opposed to the outside sphere of Chinese political and cultural dominance.’
    • ‘They remained professional and epitomized the essential personal skills that attorneys also need to possess.’
    • ‘These two last examples epitomize the murkiness besetting a serious examination of the occupation of early modem peoples and the identities they derived from their work.’
    • ‘For almost half a century, Barth has continued to break new ground, and his work epitomizes the stylistic hallmarks of postmodernism.’
    • ‘Darting about with his long hair flopping, Nash epitomizes a free spirit running wild.’
    • ‘The weasel-worded letters to school managers promising new buildings and big refurbishment works epitomised the whole thing.’
    • ‘His elegant, idealized compositions and use of Antique sources epitomize Renaissance manuscript illustration and were an essential element of the finest Florentine production in the decades around 1500.’
    embody, give form to, give shape to, incorporate
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  • 2archaic Give a summary of (a written work)

    ‘for the benefit of our readers, we will epitomize the pamphlet’
    • ‘A number summarize whole books with replies to subsequent criticism or epitomize decades of work of an author in two-dozen pages.’