Definition of ephor in English:



  • (in ancient Greece) each of five senior Spartan magistrates.

    • ‘At some date before 396 the ephors withdrew support from the faltering decarchies.’
    • ‘But his view was in the minority: the majority were in favour of it, influenced by the opinion of an ephor, Sthenelaïdas, that the Spartans would win.’
    • ‘There was a Council of Elders, an assembly, and the five ephors.’
    • ‘The most important of the latter, the five annually elected ephors, had exceptionally wide and apparently unchallengeable powers during their year of office, though they could only hold the office once.’
    • ‘The ephor was a magistrate of Sparta who contained and controlled the kings.’


From Greek ephoros ‘overseer’, from epi ‘above’ + the base of horan ‘see’.