Definition of ephedra in English:



  • An evergreen shrub of warm arid regions which has trailing or climbing stems and tiny scale-like leaves.

    • ‘The Ephedra equisetina contains the most ephedra, whereas the Ephedra nevadensis and Ephedra trifurca lack the alkaloid.’
    • ‘The vegetation is a mix of grasses, annual herbs and isolated patches of mesquite, cholla, ephedra and yucca.’
    • ‘The ephedra plant, from which the precursor of methamphetamine is made, grows wild in northern China.’
    • ‘But some featured other herbs containing ephedrine, the active ingredient in the herb ephedra.’
    • ‘Part of this tarnishing comes from the controversy surrounding an herb called ephedra.’
    • ‘Other studies comparing ephedra with placebo or herbs containing caffeine yielded similar results.’
    • ‘She had been taking a weight-loss product containing caffeine and the herb ephedra on-and-off for three years.’
    • ‘I keep reading that the herb ephedra can be dangerous for the heart.’
    • ‘But ephedra also increases heart rate, which can cause heart rhythm problems.’
    • ‘Most of ephedra's activity stems from the ephedrine component, which produces amphetamine-like actions.’
    • ‘In fact, a study in a major medical journal has shown that more than 75 percent of the side effects coming from herbs are from ephedra.’
    • ‘For instance, consider ephedra, an herb found in many supplements and muscle enhancement products.’
    • ‘If ephedra was involved, the supplement may have allowed him to push past his limit without him realizing it, because it is an energy booster.’
    • ‘After ephedra vanished, the market experienced a lull in effective fat-burners.’
    • ‘The drug contains 18 herbal ingredients, including ephedra, an herb that has been linked to dozens of fatalities.’
    • ‘Is the ephedra / caffeine mix leading to a pound of fat loss each week, or is it the diet?’
    • ‘The herb ephedra has been removed from many over-the-counter natural diet aids.’
    • ‘In Ayurvedic medicine - the same ancient science that gave us ephedra - garlic is recommended for weight loss.’
    • ‘There's some ephedra waiting, in a flavor of your choice.’
    • ‘And if weight-loss drugs are so great, why does she warn us later in the book about the dangers of the herb ephedra?’


Modern Latin, from Latin, ‘equisetum’ (which it resembles), from Greek.