Definition of entrenchment in English:


(also intrenchment)

Pronunciation /ɪnˈtrɛn(t)ʃm(ə)nt//ɛnˈtrɛn(t)ʃm(ə)nt/


  • See entrench

    • ‘Such a weight of tradition and entrenchment in the country's constitutional life should not be ditched lightly, say opponents of the reforms.’
    • ‘This paradigm, he argued, is expressed through the expansion of financial markets, the entrenchment of a short-term business perspective, and a flawed belief that the business world is riven with complexity and uncertainty.’
    • ‘It was dark when we entered the entrenchments which now surrounded the camp.’
    • ‘Consequently, naval barrages were fired on a flat trajectory that was unsuitable for reducing Turkish entrenchments.’
    • ‘‘To attempt to fight the enemy slowly back to his intrenchments in Richmond… is an idea I have been trying to repudiate for quite a year,’ wrote Lincoln in September 1863.’