Definition of entrée in English:



  • 1North American The main course of a meal.

    • ‘Now if I'm paying more than $20 for an entrée, I expect a meal where the chef has considered how to marry the protein with the side dishes into a product greater than its parts.’
    • ‘The next course is a ‘Menu Planner’ that's built around five easy-to-follow steps: Search for a meal, choose an entrée, add extras, get your menu, and make a shopping list.’
    • ‘For entrées, I chose the succulent, herb-basted rack of spring lamb in a chokecherry and Chardonnay reduction.’
    • ‘As our trio discussed how softly fruity and expansive the bottle of Australian Earthworks Shiraz was, the entrées arrived by way of the affable but scattered server.’
    • ‘The mussels are disappointing, but the entrées read well.’
    • ‘The moderate success of the Caribbean appetizers gives me a bit of misguided hope for the matching entrées.’
    • ‘As far as entrées go, don't miss the salmon tartar.’
    • ‘Vegan treats include a series of entrées, namely soup, chapattis, pizza and salad.’
    • ‘It out-New Yorked New York with entrées of pheasant, grilled salmon, or sweetbreads that seem strikingly au courant.’
    • ‘The best of the entrées I tried here was thin fillets of skate wing, fried until they were beautifully crisp and russety brown.’
    • ‘A few of the entrées are truly delicious, like the catfish and the ribs.’
    • ‘The large selection of vegetarian entrées starts at $7.95 for red lentils cooked with onions, tomatoes and cumin, and runs up to $12.95 for the vegetable biryani.’
    • ‘My friend ordered a pork tenderloin from the meat and fish entrées.’
    • ‘Rather, he established his identity and quickly got down to the meat of the matter, the real entrée: the political landscape of his homeland, over which he took this reviewer on a breathtaking tour.’
    • ‘Things have changed - you can still get fish, but with entrées from $14 to $21, this is no longer eat-and-run territory.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the entrées were the real highlights of the meal.’
    • ‘The entrées come with Mexican-style rice cooked in tomato stock, some refried beans and, best of all, a little jicama salad that takes the edge right off the chiles in the sauces.’
    • ‘The meals include an entrée, soup, salad, sandwich and dessert for a cost of $6.’
    • ‘This is a perfect match against the entrée, which features spicy sausage laid over the soft and subtle graininess of creamy risotto.’
    • ‘The entrées feature a grilled section of lamb, beef and chicken as well as four seafood dishes.’
    main course, main dish, main meal
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    1. 1.1British A dish served between the first and main courses at a formal dinner.
      • ‘We started, as usual, with a mixed entrée including spring rolls, Thai fish cakes, money bags and curry puffs.’
      • ‘This salad serves two entrée size portions or one good main course size portion.’
      • ‘At this fairly expensive restaurant, all was well - we'd experienced a fantastic entrée, the wine was perfect - until my main course of sea bass arrived on a plate which had brightly painted fish all around the edge.’
  • 2The right to enter or join a particular sphere or group.

    ‘an actress with an entrée into the intellectual society of Berlin’
    ‘her beauty and charm rapidly gained her entrée to high society’
    mass noun ‘their connections and relative wealth gave them entree to all of the most select entertainments’
    • ‘That initial contact gave her entrée into other university offerings.’
    • ‘It was only when this tradition, inherently cautious and conservative, broke down, that writers gained entrée into universities.’
    • ‘The facilities don't have to be as large, although some countries have chosen to use the Commonwealth Games and staging the Commonwealth Games as an entrée to bigger events.’
    • ‘Dinner was only the entrée to the main event though.’
    • ‘He had an immediate entrée right into the center of it all: His younger brother was a rapper whose group was starting to get some attention.’
    • ‘Share the exciting world of the Sydney art scene with its art galleries, glitzy openings, glossy publications and entrée into the social pages.’
    • ‘It also serves as an entrée into seeking treatment for opportunistic infections and receiving antiretrovirals in the case of advanced HIV infection.’
    • ‘University provides Benjamin an entrée to a whole new way of life.’
    • ‘In the early 17th Century, Matteo Ricci's entrée into the Mandarin acceptance world was as the creator of a ‘Great Map of Ten Thousand Countries’.’
    • ‘The phenomenon in the mid 80s provided Laurie's entrée into the hair accessories market.’
    • ‘Although here too they were not an overwhelming success, the series served as his entrée into American popular culture.’
    means of entry, entrance, entry, ingress, opportunity to enter
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Early 18th century (denoting a piece of instrumental music forming the first part of a suite): French, feminine past participle of entrer ‘enter’ (see entry).