Definition of entrancingly in English:


Pronunciation /ɛnˈtrɑːnsɪŋli//ɪnˈtrɑːnsɪŋli/


  • See entrance

    • ‘Tempered by male and female vocal duties, chugging riffs, spastic drumming and the occasional entrancingly tense lock-groove, they effectively proved themselves a band to watch out for.’
    • ‘What I experienced, depending on dosage, was an hour or two of strong euphoria, in which the whole world and all the people in it seemed entrancingly lovable.’
    • ‘The dead cold wind swept past through the ghostly silent streets of Marcelino City - an entrancingly soft lullaby that caressed the tired and weary city dwellers to take to their beds and sleep.’
    • ‘With an octane-powered, spiky intro and entrancingly edgy vocals, this song is the band at their dynamic best.’
    • ‘What could have been a novelty record is entrancingly bizarre and unexpectedly beautiful.’