Definition of entisol in English:



Soil Science
  • A soil of an order comprising mineral soils that have not yet differentiated into distinct horizons.

    • ‘Significantly, palaeosols that bear the larger more widely spaced trees are generally slightly more mature than those that bear smaller and more densely distributed trees (entisols).’
    • ‘These palaeosols would be classified as entisols and inceptisols using modern soil taxonomy nomenclature, soils typical of very immature fluvial exposure surfaces.’
    • ‘This ecosystem has low productivity and is found on acidic, nutrient poor, droughty and well-drained sandy entisols.’
    • ‘In this paper, nearly 700 in situ fossil trees are described from 13 entisol or inceptisol horizons.’
    • ‘These include sand and gravel deposits which are poorly vegetated, sandy entisols which support marshes and bottomland hardwood forests, and mollisols with scattered Bur oaks with prairie grasses and forbs.’


1960s: from entire + -sol.