Definition of ensoulment in English:



  • See ensoul

    • ‘But in general, their position has not rested on doctrines about, say, ensoulment, still less on any belief that God has revealed, in some direct way, His opposition to cloning to them.’
    • ‘In particular, within Aquinas's theology, ensoulment is not a material principle.’
    • ‘It is my hope that this letter will stimulate articles on ensoulment.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, it is probably the case that Aquinas's views on ensoulment, which after all do presuppose a fairly specific set of philosophical and theological assumptions, will never carry much general conviction.’
    • ‘Whenever discussion turns to the moral status of the human fetus or embryo, someone is bound to mention the soul, and may even use the somewhat recondite term ensoulment, referring to the ‘introduction’ of the soul into the body.’