Definition of enquiring in English:


(US inquiring)


  • 1Showing an interest in learning new things.

    ‘an open, enquiring mind’
    • ‘First we have enquiring open minds, like three year olds, constantly asking.’
    • ‘The next level features the Invention Factory with plenty of interactive games and experiments where enquiring minds will find out about the great inventions of our time.’
    • ‘This extraordinary volume for an unusual man is a treasure trove for the inquiring mind.’
    • ‘For the inquiring minds that want to know, DJ's team is now 7-1.’
    • ‘We all want to believe that an inquiring mind, clear-eyed logic, and an unshakeable commitment to the truth is all we need to right wrongs, serve justice and solve the vexing puzzles of our time.’
    • ‘Progress requires an enquiring mind and that can't readily exist without the willingness to change with the times if necessary.’
    • ‘But there's nothing in the books about how to respond to the more topical questions parents are suddenly fielding from inquiring toddler minds.’
    • ‘For a soldier who spent most of his life on horseback, Tipu was a man with a keen, enquiring mind and a desire to learn and move ahead.’
    • ‘Those who did attend had little choice but to furnish inquiring minds with plausible excuses.’
    • ‘His quick enquiring mind took him deeper into the subject than the other students around him.’
    • ‘They raise so many questions for the enquiring mind…’
    • ‘The need to develop self-esteem and inquiring minds among our youth has never been more necessary.’
    • ‘But much of the relevant information he drew from appears to have been declassified, and made available for inquiring minds.’
    • ‘It covers current technical topics at a sufficiently deep level to satisfy the educated enquiring mind.’
    • ‘For the inquiring mind there is so much still left to discover.’
    • ‘Alex is noted for her smart mouth and inquiring mind.’
    • ‘His enquiring mind made itself obvious very early on, when he put together the forerunner to AM stereo radio in a crystal set at home, when he was only 11 years old.’
    • ‘Hill's sense of humour, enquiring mind and competitive spirit had made him ‘the stuff of legends.’’
    • ‘Ever the inquiring mind, the Scot was intent on explaining the existence of giants.’
    • ‘I started wondering about this some time ago when my delightful and then small children used their enquiring minds to read the UN Declaration of Children's Rights.’
    • ‘He had a rare artistic vision and an enquiring scientific mind and does deserve the title as the father of photography!’
    • ‘Pupils at the college are encouraged to adopt an active investigational approach to their learning, designed to stimulate an enquiring mind.’
    • ‘Psychology cannot thrive without encouraging our most intelligent and inquiring young minds.’
    • ‘Aside from the obvious things such as hard work and passion, business success stems from imagination and an enquiring mind.’
    • ‘I found him a person who was very easy to speak to, very knowledgeable and with very much an inquiring mind.’
    • ‘These cities had lain undisturbed until an inquiring mind combined with cutting edge marine archaeology techniques revealed them to the world again.’
    • ‘He had no qualifications except boundless energy, courage, a capacity to take risks and an enquiring mind.’
    • ‘The inquiring minds of investors want to know that, and more.’
    • ‘There is a definite relationship between having an enquiring mind and a general suspicion of journalists and reading news intelligently.’
    • ‘The books are a good cover-to-cover read for the recommended age group (seven- to nine-year-olds), with enough detail to pique the interests of inquiring young minds.’
    • ‘Over the years David and his enquiring mind have sought out many new hobbies - some examples being i-ching, handwriting analysis, runes, astronomy and the famous ‘art course’ to name but a few.’
    • ‘I don't know why - the kindest explanation is an inquiring mind - but I've either always got something to say or a question to ask.’
    • ‘I am objecting only to their being used to stifle inquiring young minds.’
    • ‘Approach your work with an inquiring mind - there is a researcher in every nurse.’
    • ‘Perhaps there's an interesting story there for enquiring journalists.’
    • ‘Nothing was safe from that inquiring mind and those agile hands.’
    • ‘The development of flexible, inquiring minds has rarely been the main concern in the design of educational systems.’
    • ‘Tell all, as enquiring minds want to hear your story.’
    inquisitive, curious, interested, questioning, probing, investigative, analytical, analytic, exploring, searching, scrutinizing
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    1. 1.1 (of a look) suggesting that information is sought.
      ‘he sent her an enquiring glance’
      • ‘A strange, inquiring look appeared on her face.’
      • ‘Tash didn't miss the enquiring glance her mother threw her, either.’
      • ‘He gave me an inquiring look and I glanced at the door.’
      • ‘This solicited a enquiring look from Jeanette and Dave.’
      • ‘He nodded as the herald shot an enquiring glance at him.’
      • ‘Betty was playing with the other children and she looked up at me with an inquiring raise of her eyebrow.’
      • ‘He gave her an enquiring look, but she ignored him, and motioned for him to follow her toward the horses.’
      • ‘The teacher was looking at them with inquiring eyes and frowned eyebrows.’
      • ‘Ellen turned an inquiring glance towards him, raising her eyebrows slightly in question at him.’
      • ‘She fixed him, suddenly, with a steady, inquiring look.’
      • ‘Michael raised an eyebrow and gave her an inquiring glance.’
      • ‘She gave Michael an inquiring glance, but he refused to meet her eyes.’
      • ‘As we positioned ourselves on the couch, with Cordelia sitting close enough to me to make me more than a bit uncomfortable, Giles caught my eye with an inquiring look.’
      • ‘I shot Mike an inquiring look, to which he nodded.’
      • ‘She noticed her uncle gave her an inquiring look.’
      • ‘The other two gave him an inquiring glance, and he opened the door.’
      • ‘‘You knew I was going to try to get away from him,’ I said hotly to his inquiring expression.’
      • ‘Don, however, did not move, and I threw him an enquiring glance.’
      • ‘Greg explained after I'd given him an inquiring look.’
      • ‘At the paybox I would be given enquiring glances as to my appearance, but this was of no concern as I had three pennies in my hand to enter a new world of adventure, escape and make-believe.’
      • ‘When they were at the barbecue pit, she picked up a plate of chicken wings and stood there for awhile, silently contemplating Jim, who stood there unmoving, an inquiring expression on his face.’
      • ‘‘One condition’ spoke Eve suddenly, and he turned an enquiring look on her.’
      • ‘He walked over to help, and the enquiring look she gave him got answered with a wink.’
      • ‘Anticipating Corissa's question and inquiring gaze, Magdalena looked to the side and shrugged a little.’
      • ‘He pulled into a parking lot and I gave him an inquiring look.’
      • ‘Darryl smiled mysteriously, and cast a half shy, half inquiring look at his brother.’
      • ‘I walked over to Jeremy, and he gave me an inquiring look.’
      • ‘Some returned his inquiring gaze by shaking their heads, others by looking down.’