Definition of enlargement in English:



  • 1mass noun The action or state of enlarging or being enlarged.

    ‘talks on the enlargement of the EU’
    count noun ‘nine new stores and two major enlargements are planned’
    • ‘A plant's growth in size is both by cell enlargement and cell division.’
    • ‘Cell enlargement is also a major feature of plant growth, as we shall see.’
    • ‘EU officials argue the building is necessary to cope with the union's enlargement to 25 countries.’
    • ‘I don't think enlargement in itself is going to impact our common work.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the increased blood volume also causes congestion and enlargement of the spleen or liver.’
    • ‘In plants, the direction of cell enlargement determines the shape of leaves.’
    • ‘In sum, the changes prompted by enlargement will have a major impact upon the future shape and identity of the Union.’
    • ‘As a result of enlargement, employment prospects would improve both here and in those countries.’
    • ‘Pressure on farm incomes is a major factor, together with the need for enlargement of holdings in order to survive.’
    • ‘"This will probably delay the ongoing enlargement of the airport, " local media reported.’
    • ‘But these changes are necessary for enlargement, and they are not particularly major.’
    • ‘The disease can cause fever, weight loss, enlargement of the spleen and liver and, in the most extreme cases, death.’
    • ‘The clinics need more space and more services could be made available there if enlargement was to take place.’
    • ‘In adults, growth hormone causes enlargement of soft tissues throughout the body.’
    • ‘Mr Martin said enlargement offered great opportunities for companies based here to seek out new markets.’
    • ‘The eastern enlargement of the EU takes place against the background of growing transatlantic tensions.’
    • ‘Severe difficulties can arise within 10 years, if steps are not taken to reduce enlargement of the prostate gland.’
    • ‘The Minister emphasised that Ireland is, in principle, strongly committed to enlargement.’
    • ‘Everybody has agreed on the necessity of enlargement and the challenge now will be to make it work successfully.’
    expansion, growth, increase in size, extension, amplification, augmentation, topping up, building up, addition, supplementing
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  • 2A photograph that is larger than the original negative or an earlier print.

    • ‘My parents only have a very small selection of wedding photos, and the only framed one being not a very good enlargement.’
    • ‘Prints, preferably enlargements to 12"X10", both colour and black and white and slides are needed, so bring along your favourites both old and new.’
    • ‘Expensive for most, but economical for people who print enlargements frequently.’
    • ‘The slower the film speed means the colours are better and the grain is less noticeable, which makes for better enlargements.’
    • ‘They were so impressed that they offered to print these enlargements free of cost for this exhibition, he says.’
    • ‘Keep your interest and pride in your work by making enlargements of your better photos.’
    • ‘The next issue of the magazine carried a full-page enlargement of the same photograph.’
    • ‘I went to pick up my enlargements from the photo shop and discovered the negatives got mixed up and all but 2 of the prints were wrong!’
    • ‘They are offering half price for enlargements printed for the Photo Exhibition.’
    • ‘The final grab is an enlargement of a blurry photograph of the two of them together.’
    • ‘Besides enlargements and photo developing, they can produce a CD of photos.’
    • ‘As she handed out photo enlargements of the underwater laboratory, she started to explain.’
    • ‘Beginning in 1944, to solve problems of scale, he relied on his local drugstore for photographic enlargements of pictures clipped from magazines.’
    • ‘The other thing to keep your interest and pride in your work on the up is to make some enlargements of your better photos.’
    • ‘Unless we're working with digital images and a photo quality printer or can afford the expense of enlargements from a photo lab, we are forced to work with the photographs sitting in front of us.’
    • ‘He remembers planners using enlargements of his panoramic photos to model a contested expressway that would have linked the city's airports.’
    • ‘Unfortunately the original negatives are unavailable and the enlargements have been copied from prints.’
    • ‘But the results are terrific, allowing quality enlargements far beyond the dreams of digital cameras or lesser scanners.’
    • ‘Photographic enlargements of studios of famous artists at the beginning of the 1900s provide the background to a selection of objects that are similar to those these artiste might have owned.’
    • ‘Most of the pictures are grainy black-and-white enlargements of ancient snapshots.’
    blow-up, magnification, large print
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