Definition of engrossing in English:



  • Absorbing all one's attention or interest.

    ‘the most engrossing parts of the book’
    • ‘The bulk of the book is a very quick, engrossing read.’
    • ‘You knew just what you were getting, and it was just what you wanted: an engrossing plot, grippingly narrated, with characters and settings that jumped off the page.’
    • ‘Theirs was a life-long relationship of artistic dialogue that has become the engrossing subject of study of art students, curators and connoisseurs and the theme of art exhibitions in museums around the world.’
    • ‘He has the reputation of being an expert teller of engrossing tales on the large screen, and that was perhaps the reason why several people in the audience waited patiently to hear him speak.’
    • ‘This is an engrossing book, but is perhaps best treated as verse, to be picked up and savored one short chapter at a time.’
    • ‘I would, however, like to set the record straight about a statement that Mullen made in his engrossing account of the famous race at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games.’
    • ‘Instead, we are given an engrossing account of a man who, from the humblest of beginnings, became one of the most renowned American artists in history.’
    • ‘The evolution of his career is certainly an engrossing story to contemplate.’
    • ‘And then you realize that's what made it such an engrossing read.’
    • ‘I've made a valiant attempt to catch it every week because it is one of the better, more engrossing shows on television these days.’
    • ‘The depth of the various relationships, the fact that the movie is about something, and the engrossing nature of the storyline all combine to make this a strong entry in a season of disappointments.’
    • ‘Most importantly, the song exhibits the environment best suited to their music (the club), while also telling an engrossing story.’
    • ‘Season Three was the programme near the top of its game, engrossing and addictive, with a great blend of medical and personal chaos mixed with the occasional playful respite.’
    • ‘Johnson's biography is an engrossing portrait of a brilliant physicist who happens to be a complex and, at times, troubled character.’
    • ‘The film was the complete package - an engrossing story filled with well realized characters and punctuated with tense, rousing battle sequences.’
    • ‘This marvellous book serves as a portrait of a young woman and her times, but it is also an engrossing portrait of a place at a turning point in its cultural history.’
    • ‘If you're looking for intellectually-stimulating and engrossing read, try both!’
    • ‘They point out their strengths and numerous weaknesses and truly create an engrossing conversation.’
    • ‘Taken together, however, they form an engrossing collection.’
    • ‘In Act II, he and Pierson together compel the listener to drop any other pursuit and pay complete attention to the engrossing love story.’