Definition of Englishry in English:



  • 1That part of the population in Ireland that is of English descent, regarded collectively. Compare Irishry. Chiefly with the. Now historical.

  • 2Especially in south-western Wales: a part of a town or county where the English language is spoken and English customs and legal practices are dominant. Contrasted with Welshry. Compare "Little England beyond Wales". Now chiefly historical.

  • 3English people regarded collectively; an English population. Now rare.

  • 4Law. The fact of being an English person. Chiefly in "Presentment of Englishry"noun successful proof through kin of the deceased that one who had died suddenly was English, in order to escape the fine levied (under the Norman kings) upon the hundred or township for the murder of a ‘Frenchman’ or Norman. See also "presentment". Now historical.

  • 5Englishness.


Late Middle English. From English + -ry.