Definition of end zone in English:

end zone


  • 1American Football
    The rectangular area at each end of the field into which the ball must be carried or passed and caught to score a touchdown.

    • ‘Make a player hold onto the ball after hitting the end zone to legitimize a touchdown.’
    • ‘Eight minutes and 15 seconds into overtime, Alan dived into the end zone for a touchdown.’
    • ‘Jake screamed handing off a fake pass to the receiver and dashing for the end zone to score another touchdown.’
    • ‘Jason had just run into the end zone and scored the touchdown that tied the score.’
    • ‘Byrd catches it, dashes toward the middle of the field and takes the pass into the end zone.’
  • 2Ice Hockey
    The area at either end of the rink, extending from the blue line to the boards behind the goal.

    • ‘Each team considers the end zone they are defending to be their defending zone.’
    • ‘The outer zones are sometimes referred to as end zones, but most teams name them based on their position: the end zone in which a team is trying to score is the attacking zone or offensive zone; the end zone in which the team's own goal net is located is the defensive zone.’


end zone