Definition of end result in English:

end result


  • The final result or outcome of an activity or process.

    ‘we are on hand to help you achieve the best possible end result’
    ‘headaches and tension are the end result of keeping anger bottled up’
    • ‘He has done a good job, that's obvious, but you can only judge the product on the end result and that is still to come.’
    • ‘Smith tried the same thing again minutes later with the same end result.’
    • ‘The end result of all this is that it causes a loss of two weeks of schooling every year.’
    • ‘The end result, a small budget mediocre film earned its money and was termed a hit.’
    • ‘The end result is a trial, and that will be an important hearing, and that's a while off.’
    • ‘The end result should be an improvement in the consumers' quality of life.’
    • ‘The success of the end result, however, often depends not on how good the idea is, but on how well it is executed.’
    • ‘It was a painstaking task but the end result was always worth it - a delicious chocolate cake.’
    • ‘The end result honoured the past but made it accessible to current audiences.’
    • ‘The final step is that the court must look at the end result and see how the relevant legislation can be applied to it.’
    • ‘To think about the outcome will be to neglect the process needed to achieve the end result.’
    • ‘I wouldn't be at all surprised if the end result wasn't closure of the Gallery to the Public.’
    • ‘Since my dream was so fresh in my mind, it was very simple to put together the end result.’
    • ‘Either way, the end result will be a decline in the competitiveness of the business.’
    • ‘We both come up with designs, consult each other and the end result is a combined effort.’
    • ‘The end result is greater power for less fuel, cleaner exhaust emissions and a reduction in engine noise.’
    • ‘The end result is always wealth in the hands of a chosen few.’
    • ‘For him, having fun during the creative process is more important than the end result.’
    • ‘My job is one of the most satisfying in the Navy, as I can see the product and an end result.’
    • ‘The end result will be improved productivity that would do well to the sector as a whole.’
    result, consequence, outcome, out-turn, sequel, effect, reaction, repercussion, reverberations, ramification, end, conclusion, termination, culmination, denouement, corollary, concomitant, aftermath, fruit, fruits, product, produce, by-product
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end result