Definition of enation in English:



  • An outgrowth from the surface of a leaf or other part of a plant.

    as modifier ‘pea enation virus’
    • ‘The erect portion of the stem bears paired enations, outgrowths which look like miniature leaves, but unlike true leaves, the enations have no vascular tissue.’
    • ‘For late spring plantings of peas, use an enation virus-resistant variety that will remain productive when weather warms.’
    • ‘They probably developed leaves both by enations and by planation of a branching system.’
    • ‘Branches are covered in fine enations or hairs.’
    • ‘The current hypothesis for the origin of microphylls is called the enation theory, based on the idea that microphylls evolved through the vascularization of enations on the plant.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin enatio(n-), from enasci ‘issue forth’.