Definition of empty calories in English:

empty calories

plural noun

  • Calories derived from food containing no nutrients.

    • ‘The only foods that you need to avoid are the ones that have no redeeming value, just empty calories - such as doughnuts and onion rings.’
    • ‘When it comes to sweets, don't go overboard - just think, to burn off the empty calories in one brownie, it'll take almost a half-hour run.’
    • ‘Help your child to avoid empty calories and foods that do not help with growth.’
    • ‘Don't waste your time filling up on empty calories.’
    • ‘These foods are so loaded with empty calories that knocking out 50 calories a day should be easy.’
    • ‘Your body does not get a good source of nutrition from junk foods, and most often they are full of all the things you need to stay away from such as fats, sugars, empty calories, chemicals and additives.’
    • ‘When they have an opportunity to purchase a product like that, they will do so, rather than something that's just empty calories or a lot of sugar.’
    • ‘Empty language is the emotional equivalent of empty calories.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, restricting your intake of saturated fat, processed foods and empty calories is less than enjoyable.’
    • ‘While alcohol is a drug, it also provides calories - empty calories that are not used for energy in the same way as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.’
    • ‘The snacks and sodas many of today's young people consider ‘normal’ food are empty calories that do not promote a healthy life style.’
    • ‘‘Consumers want good tasting, refreshing products, but they don't want empty calories,’ he says.’
    • ‘And sugar calories are empty calories - they have no nutritional value.’
    • ‘The dietitian discourages eating ‘junk food’ or empty calories because the total daily caloric intake may not exceed 800 kcals.’
    • ‘Filling up on empty calories from doughnuts, candy bars, cookies and potato chips does your body a disservice.’
    • ‘It has long been assumed that drinking alcohol - often referred to by nutritionists as empty calories - can make you gain weight.’
    • ‘So I'm drinking empty calories on top of eating unhealthy food.’
    • ‘Instead of asking kids to cut out sweets, the game encourages players to eat more fruits and vegetables - a behavior that indirectly decreases the consumption of empty calories, researchers say.’
    • ‘Cruz lost more than 100 pounds reinventing his favorite foods, cutting empty calories but keeping all the flavor.’
    • ‘Suffice it to say that if you're choosing any of these items at fast-food restaurants, you're doing little more than adding empty calories to your diet.’