Definition of emptily in English:



  • See empty

    • ‘‘No, there is nothing there,’ said Luke emptily.’
    • ‘Nick's yell echoed emptily around the arena again.’
    • ‘People scarred by violence are often shells of their former selves, hollowed-out structures that move emptily through the world.’
    • ‘‘No,’ she whispered, turning away from him, staring emptily at the fire.’
    • ‘Of course, after another moment we stared at each other emptily.’
    • ‘Amid the crumbling plaster and tattered curtains, they spin out a private little reality that emptily echoes a life without meaning.’
    • ‘Too many films are too much alike, too emptily professional.’
    • ‘But now that the first shock was over, now that life without them stretched emptily before me, I could not comprehend it.’