Definition of emphasis in English:



mass noun
  • 1Special importance, value, or prominence given to something.

    ‘they placed great emphasis on the individual's freedom’
    count noun ‘different emphases and viewpoints’
    • ‘A variety of events are being organised throughout the year with the emphasis on community spirit.’
    • ‘This is the strength of the master plan, where the emphasis remains on the spaces, not the buildings.’
    • ‘It is difficult to assign priority to the problems since each centre's emphases and interests are different.’
    • ‘Above all, however, they developed a model of spirituality that placed much emphasis on action in the world.’
    • ‘The reality is that in the fire service so much of the emphasis is put on strength and stamina.’
    • ‘I can accept that different cultures have different emphases and that analytic thinking may be more prevalent in one than another.’
    • ‘Women are her main protagonists and she places emphasis on the closed domesticity of an interior female world.’
    • ‘All of the essays repeat this same cluster of ideas, developing their implications with different emphases and nuances.’
    • ‘I also stress that the Government has placed an enormous amount of emphasis on the family.’
    • ‘Perhaps the lack of emphasis on fairness indicates denial of the reality.’
    • ‘But she particularly likes its emphasis on the spiritual rather than the material.’
    • ‘This case displays a change in emphasis from spiritual growth toward consumerism.’
    • ‘They also highlight the need for continued emphasis on the primary prevention of coronary heart disease.’
    • ‘To achieve the transition, the continent has to put emphasis on technology and innovations.’
    • ‘This basic structural difference leads in turn to radically different emphases within the two scholarly worlds.’
    • ‘An emphasis on this element indicate a practical, cautious, and pragmatic approach to life.’
    • ‘This sort of exaggerated emphasis on good manners can be used to promote servility.’
    • ‘This indicates a shift of emphasis among ethnographers as to what folk art meant.’
    • ‘It puts the main emphasis on a cease-fire to end the current violence followed by negotiations.’
    • ‘Other than that, however, today's two stories have very different emphases.’
    • ‘Inspectors stressed that more emphasis on multiculturalism was needed.’
    prominence, importance, significance
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  • 2Stress given to a word or words when speaking to indicate particular importance.

    ‘inflection and emphasis can change the meaning of what is said’
    • ‘The relative lack of emphasis on the ending sounds of words in Spanish may be a factor as well.’
    • ‘"I think you have the emphasis on the wrong syllable, " Madi remarked.’
    • ‘Except exploring, " I said making sure to add extra emphasis on the word ' exploring '.’
    • ‘His emphasis on the word protector made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.’
    • ‘I put emphasis on the word fun, twisting it so that it sounded chiding and sarcastic.’
    • ‘She put a false emphasis on that last word that made it sound like something else.’
    • ‘He put a slight emphasis on the last word, as though unsure exactly what it implied.’
    • ‘Kylie repeated her words with special emphasis, as if talking to a very slow person.’
    • ‘I laid particular emphasis on the word ' had '… Yes, that's right.’
    • ‘I put plenty of emphasis on the word to make sure he understood what I was trying to say.’
    • ‘She put emphasis on the word him, and suddenly yesterday's events came to me and I started to cry.’
    • ‘Her emphasis on the word me expressed how she truly thought she was superior to others.’
    • ‘He spoke in a very strange way, all in Russian of course, with emphasis on every other word that he spoke.’
    stress, accent, accentuation, weight, force, prominence
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    1. 2.1 Vigour or intensity of expression.
      ‘he spoke with emphasis and with complete conviction’
      • ‘Bob manages to make very obvious things sound like genius by stressing his words and using his arms for emphasis.’
      • ‘He leaned forward in his chair again to give his words more emphasis.’
      passion, force, forcefulness, ardour, fervour, spirit, spiritedness, urgency, strength, forcibleness, vigour, intensity, violence, earnestness, eagerness, keenness, enthusiasm, zeal, zealousness, fanaticism
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Late 16th century: via Latin from Greek, originally ‘appearance, show’, later denoting a figure of speech in which more is implied than is said (the original sense in English), from emphainein ‘exhibit’, from em- ‘in, within’ + phainein ‘to show’.