Definition of emotional quotient in English:

emotional quotient


  • The level of a person's emotional intelligence, often as represented by a score in a standardized test.

    ‘her emotional quotient was below average’
    • ‘The emotional quotient of a child is important, but this question is hardly addressed in this knowledge-based education.’
    • ‘It is this emotional quotient that will help him stage a comeback.’
    • ‘It will not be the ball or the bat but the emotional quotient of the players that will decide the outcome of the series.’
    • ‘But many of those who gathered there saw beyond the mother allegory a realpolitik dimension, which was more important than the emotional quotient.’
    • ‘They are no different in their dreams, emotional quotient, relationships, fears etc. compared to a normal woman.’
    • ‘Skills such as leadership and emotional quotient, or EQ, matter too.’
    • ‘This can help students to develop their emotional quotient and social consciousness.’
    • ‘Emotional quotient (EQ) should be given due weight along with the IQ.’
    • ‘Stoltz contends that you can forget about brains (IQ) or the touchy-feely stuff (emotional quotient, or EQ).’
    • ‘But Catherine says, In her own special way, Mum makes up for her loss of intelligence quotient with emotional quotient and spiritual quotient.’
    • ‘It was evident that the delegates who had gathered were bonded together not only by shared political and ideological concerns and perceptions but also by an exceptional emotional quotient, marked by an upbeat mood.’
    • ‘Teachers should consider both the IQ (intelligence quotient) and the EQ (emotional quotient) of the child's development.’
    • ‘In fact, service is its big thing: staff had to pass an EQ exam (emotional quotient, apparently) to prove they can anticipate your needs before you know them yourself.’
    • ‘I met her much before OSO and I realised that she is sensitive and has a high emotional quotient.’
    • ‘The camps will also enhance both the creative and emotional quotient of children.’