Definition of emigration in English:



  • [mass noun] The act of leaving one's own country to settle permanently in another; moving abroad:

    ‘mass emigration from Ireland to the United States’
    • ‘The sale of fields, followed by the sale of the farm itself, and William's emigration to the USA suddenly made sense.’
    • ‘There can hardly be a family in Ireland which did not lose sons or daughters to emigration during the 1950s.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands sought emigration abroad every year in the years immediately following the crackdown.’
    • ‘Famine and disease had ravished and dispirited the people and emigration had drained the land of most of its youth.’
    • ‘This is aggravated by the usual level of emigration of young people leaving for higher education and not returning.’
    • ‘The demise of our fishing industry in recent years has resulted in constant high unemployment and emigration from our islands.’
    • ‘Even the postcolonial government organized the emigration of its citizens to Europe and elsewhere.’
    • ‘This is good news for the town, which had lost so much of its population through emigration over the years.’
    moving abroad, moving overseas, expatriation, departure, withdrawal, migration, evacuation
    exodus, diaspora
    relocation, resettling
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