Definition of ember in English:



usually embers
  • A small piece of burning or glowing coal or wood in a dying fire.

    ‘the dying embers in the grate’
    figurative ‘the flickering embers of nationalism’
    • ‘Hunter returned to his place by Missy's side in front of the glowing embers of the dying fire laid in the black iron stove.’
    • ‘The glowing embers of the wood danced into the night sky, yet conveyed no warmth.’
    • ‘The fire was down to embers with a small pile of wood next to it indicating that everyone had left early.’
    • ‘Very often, the coals or wood embers that are used in fire walking also have a low heat capacity.’
    • ‘Mac lifted the rest of the chunks of eel meat from their perches over the dying embers.’
    • ‘An uneasy peace was negotiated during the dying embers of Bonetti's reign.’
    • ‘Seconds later he saw the eyes again, the orbs reflecting off the dying embers of their fire.’
    • ‘He thrust it in among the glowing embers again and sat down on a box.’
    • ‘You can learn to sense this instinct and fan the glowing embers into a roaring blaze.’
    • ‘Firefighters were still at the scene on Saturday morning dampening down the burning embers.’
    • ‘The walls were stained with the tar of tobacco, and the burning embers of a long-lit fire were the only light the room provided.’
    • ‘Croft was sprawled, half in the armchair, half on the floor, staring at the dying embers of the fire.’
    • ‘You are advised to think twice about trying to fan the embers of a dying love affair.’
    • ‘He stared into the fire to avoid her gaze, to focus his thoughts within the flames and the glowing embers.’
    • ‘Still the burning embers of the creative urge propelled her to serious writing.’
    • ‘The room was quite dark, for the dying embers on the hearth provided only a faint radiance.’
    • ‘The dying embers of the fire flickered and he squinted to get a feel of his surroundings.’
    • ‘A piece of wood dropped on the dying embers in the fire soon burst into flame.’
    • ‘He saw her stirring the embers of the dying campfire and tiptoed stealthily up behind her.’
    • ‘We huddled closely around its glowing embers as they struggled to keep at bay the piercing chill of the Andean night.’
    glowing coal, live coal
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Old English ǣmyrge, of Germanic origin; related to Old High German eimuria ‘pyre’, Danish emmer, Swedish mörja ‘embers’. The b was added in English for ease of pronunciation.