Definition of Elysium in English:


proper noun

Greek Mythology
  • 1The place at the ends of the earth to which certain favoured heroes were conveyed by the gods after death.

    1. 1.1as noun an Elysium A place or state of perfect happiness.
      • ‘Had they in fact found an Elysium that had eluded me in my journeys?’
      • ‘How could this home-made Elysium be abolished to make way for an office block, or executive maisonettes?’
      • ‘Even those who come here in search of a deserted Elysium might find the town an adequate base, and one from which it is always easy to escape.’
      • ‘This forsaken Elysium was anything any criminal, or renegade could ever hope for: A war-torn landscape between civilization and primal animals.’
      • ‘Presumably, Snow is talking about that late 21st century Elysium in which everything comes out great in the end and all the debt just melts away.’
      heaven, paradise, the elysian fields, empyrean, arcadia, arcady, shangri-la
      eternity, kingdom come, the next life, the afterlife, the next world, the hereafter
      the islands of the blessed
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Via Latin from Greek Elusion (pedion) (plain) of the blessed.