Definition of ellipsoid in English:



  • A three-dimensional figure symmetrical about each of three perpendicular axes, whose plane sections normal to one axis are circles and all the other plane sections are ellipses.

    • ‘The corresponding axial ratios were 1.14 for a prolate ellipsoid and 1.16 for an oblate ellipsoid.’
    • ‘In this case, the toroidal surface has become an off-axis segment of an ellipsoid.’
    • ‘Its component boulders, however, have been stretched into an ellipsoid with its longest axis pointing at Jupiter.’
    • ‘The Flinn diagram in Figure 10 shows the relative shapes of the strain ellipsoids.’
    • ‘Why is random packing denser for ellipsoids than for spheres?’
    • ‘Nucleosome core particles are represented by oblate ellipsoids; their interaction potential has been parameterized by a comparison with data from liquid crystals of nucleosome solutions.’
    • ‘Years ago, such calculation was only possible for simple, symmetric shapes such as revolution ellipsoids or cylinders.’
    • ‘He gave a proof of a result due to Maclaurin, that the attractions at an external point lying on the principal axis of two confocal ellipsoids was proportional to their masses.’
    • ‘The positions of drug atoms are denoted by small magenta spheres and the predicted binding sites by colored ellipsoids (red near hydrogen donor atoms and blue near hydrogen acceptor atoms on the bases).’
    • ‘The centromere is represented as a solid ellipsoid.’
    • ‘He produced the first rigorously exact theory of homogeneous figures shaped like ellipsoids of revolution whose parts attract according to the inverse-square law.’
    • ‘Simple geometrical arrangements such as an ellipsoid or a cylinder are often used to gauge the shape of particles such as micelles and proteins.’
    • ‘The shape of the red cell during the tank-tread motion resembles a triaxial ellipsoid with the longest axis almost parallel to the direction of the undisturbed flow.’
    • ‘On the planetary scale the geoid is approximated by an ellipsoid of revolution about its minor axis with a degree of flattening of around 1 part in 300 caused primarily by the Earth's rotation.’
    • ‘Thus, each cluster is represented by an ellipsoid using the new axes as the ellipsoidal axes, and the variance along these axes (square-roots of the eigenvalues) as the axis lengths.’
    • ‘The crown projection area and crown volume of each individual were approximated as an ellipse and an ellipsoid of revolution, respectively.’
    • ‘Figure 4 shows the first Fresnel zone is an ellipsoid surrounding the straight line between the two antennas.’
    • ‘The strain ellipsoid is oblate, showing the Z axis to be perpendicular to the cleavage.’
    • ‘It was found that the maximum total force is experienced when the major axis of the ellipsoid is perpendicular to the flow and the minimum when it is aligned.’
    • ‘Its shape resembles that of a prolate ellipsoid.’