Definition of elephant fish in English:

elephant fish


  • A fish with a trunklike snout or proboscis.

    another term for elephant-snout fish

    a chimaera with a hooklike process on the snout (family Callorhinchidae and genus Callorhinchus).

    • ‘Baleen whales, dolphins, including a long-snouted type, seals, penguins, petrels and other birds, a variety of sharks, elephant fish and many other kinds of fish have been spotted and bagged by Joseph.’
    • ‘I added a hideous looking elephant fish to my species list.’
    • ‘The group is divided into two very different subclasses, which separated very early on: the Elasmobranchii (sharks, skates and rays) and the Holocephali (the chimaeras, such as the ratfish and elephant fish).’