Definition of electrophorese in English:



Chemistry Physics
  • See electrophoresis

    • ‘The digested DNA was purified using the methanol precipitation method and electrophoresed in a 1% agarose gel overnight.’
    • ‘Radioactively labeled microsatellite regions were electrophoresed on denaturing polyacrylamide gels and visualized using autoradiography.’
    • ‘PCR products were electrophoresed on acrylamide gels and stained by ethidium bromide.’
    • ‘These single nucleotide reactions were run side-by-side on standard acrylamide gels with an electrolyte gradient and electrophoresed for 2-3 hr.’
    • ‘Cells were lysed, exposed to alkaline buffer, electrophoresed and analyzed by microscopy for the existence of DNA damage.’