Definition of electrocute in English:



[with object]
  • Injure or kill (someone) by electric shock.

    ‘a man was electrocuted on the rail track’
    • ‘He was imprisoned for electrocuting his girlfriend, after learning that she was bearing his second child.’
    • ‘The principal electrical inspector at Health and Safety Executive, who investigated the incident said: ‘A fraction of an amp is all that is needed to electrocute you.’’
    • ‘There are wires that can be tripped over, microphones that can electrocute you, flying bottles that can strike you.’
    • ‘So what he did is he put a bit of it around one arm and then linked the other part of it around the other arm and didn't realise that the current that would be going through would then electrocute him.’
    • ‘But if someone just says his washing machine is a bad one, you don't know yet whether it tears the clothes into strips or soaks them in oily water or just doesn't move at all when you switch on, or electrocutes the children when they go near it.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, shivers thundered up his spine as if electrocuting him.’
    • ‘The problem was, you couldn't use a safety cable because if you did, the metal cord inside it would end up electrocuting you once you touched a wire.’
    • ‘The engineer was welding a fitting over the side of a ship when a wave from a passing ship splashed against the side of the hull, grounding his welding gear and electrocuting him to death or unconsciousness.’
    • ‘What if some bizarre electrical line bursts and the microphone electrocutes me?’
    • ‘She saw the lightning hit him and electrocute him.’
    • ‘They used to beat us up, electrocute us, they did a lot of things for us in active abuse.’
    • ‘The 14-year-old son jumps in, gets electrocuted, and his father tries to save him, both of them die in that pool.’
    • ‘She pressed her button, electrocuting her son for a moment.’
    • ‘It is recorded that following the dinner, with son and father participating, a bolt of lightning struck the wooden pavilion to electrocute the father.’
    • ‘Then a metal rod touched his bare shoulder, electrocuting him into unconsciousness.’
    • ‘Haphazardly installed electrical wiring is common in many small private schools and can create fires or electrocute an unwary child or teacher.’
    • ‘Occasionally the hurling bodies hit the dangling light bulb - which could easily break, exposing a wire and electrocuting the crowd.’
    • ‘All are on a wire and one will go to another wire and when that bird doesn't get electrocuted, all the birds will go to that other wire.’
    • ‘According to a technical report that addresses the question every boater reading this will have, the current is not strong enough to electrocute a person who comes in contact with the water.’
    • ‘Also, you get a lot of deaths, people after the hurricane coming out of their homes, walking around to survey the damage, getting electrocuted from downed power lines in these pools of water.’
    execute, hang, send to the gallows, send to the gibbet, behead, guillotine, decapitate, electrocute, send to the electric chair, send to the chair, shoot, put before a firing squad, send to the gas chamber, gas, crucify, stone, stone to death
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Late 19th century: from electro-, on the pattern of execute.