Definition of electro-acoustic in English:



  • 1Involving the direct conversion of electrical into acoustic energy or vice versa.

    • ‘The group have dedicated themselves to electro-acoustic audio installations using analogue synths and a quadraphonic sound system.’
    • ‘‘What we know as music has become limited to the notes in scales, electro-acoustic music moves away from that,’ he said, ‘it's like watching sounds through a magnifying glass.’’
    • ‘Most impressively, there's a cache of obscure new music, 20th century classical and electro-acoustic music.’
    • ‘He is working with the kind of refinements in pitching that come most easily to the electro-acoustic composer.’
    • ‘Founded in 1945 as a specialist research laboratory, it has grown to become a world leader in the development of electro-acoustic technologies and professional audio products.’
    1. 1.1 (of a guitar) having both a pickup and a reverberating hollow body.
      • ‘This electro acoustic guitar package offers the first time guitarist all the fun of an acoustic guitar, with the added bonus of being able to plug into an amplifier for performance or recording purposes, or to use an effect pedal.’
      • ‘He switched back and forth between an electro-acoustic guitar and an electric, and his playing was as chaotically brilliant as ever.’
      • ‘It's a really nice electro-acoustic guitar, with a cut-away body style and a beautiful flamed top finished in a translucent red.’
      • ‘It is fair to say that the cover is a far cry from the original 80s stadium-rock vibe, as Karen opts to take it low-key, with only a drum machine lurking behind the electro-acoustic guitar.’
      • ‘Yet this Saturday night I had the privilege of being present when Suzie McNeil, backed only by drums, bass violin and a lonely electro-acoustic guitar, gave in to the crowd.’


  • An electro-acoustic guitar.

    • ‘The group comprise bass, drums, keyboards and a player on electric jazz guitar and electro-acoustic.’
    • ‘It's an electro-acoustic with active pick-up.’
    • ‘On more basic electro acoustics, there will be 'Volume' and 'Tone' controls, with the more professional guitars, you have more controls.’
    • ‘The versatility of an electro-acoustic with the comforting, homely feel of an electric.’