Definition of electricity in English:



mass noun
  • 1A form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current.

    • ‘The aim is to show that current processes can produce such narrow on-chip wires able to conduct electricity.’
    • ‘According to the council, it's a myth that solar panels generate electricity by storing direct heat from the sun.’
    • ‘It has a high melting point and is a good conductor of heat and electricity.’
    • ‘Such a development may ultimately lead to a much more efficient way to convert the energy from sunlight into electricity.’
    • ‘No progress was made towards harnessing steam, let alone gas or electricity, as energy sources.’
    • ‘Water power from the restored mill turbine will be used to generate electricity, particularly in winter.’
    • ‘Their strategy was for the first round to rely heavily on nuclear electricity and energy efficiency.’
    • ‘In particular, I am thinking about our ability to generate energy or electricity.’
    • ‘Along with petroleum, the most important new source of energy was electricity.’
    • ‘The dynamical theory of heat led Thomson to also think of a dynamical theory for electricity and magnetism.’
    • ‘Atomic energy then makes this electricity appear on your computer!’
    • ‘It is completely sustainable if charged with electricity from renewable sources.’
    • ‘Nuclear reactors generate electricity by creating heat from a nuclear reaction.’
    • ‘These should be extended so that all new builds must produce electricity and be totally energy efficient.’
    • ‘The lines of force of the static condition of electricity are present in all cases of induction.’
    • ‘It doesn't cost us money for any electricity, the energy itself is safe, clean and harmless.’
    • ‘He also admitted a further charge of abstracting electricity under the Theft Act.’
    • ‘You pour diesel in it and the thermal energy gets converted to electricity.’
    • ‘Unlike most metals, they conduct electricity without losing any energy as heat.’
    • ‘My thoughts are the result of electrical and chemical activity in my brain and electricity is one form of energy.’
    power, electric power, energy, current, static, power supply
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    1. 1.1 The supply of electric current to a building for heating, lighting, or powering appliances.
      ‘the electricity was back on’
      as modifier ‘the regional electricity companies’
      • ‘On top of that we are going to have a 10 percent increase in electricity charges.’
      • ‘A fault on a high-voltage network cut electricity to the town centre for nearly five hours.’
      • ‘The academy does not have funds for the coach's salary, and for the electricity and water charges.’
      • ‘The Labour-run council did not charge him for electricity, repairs or insurance.’
      • ‘The downsides include no electricity or water and the front door is a concrete hatch in the corner of a muddy field.’
      • ‘The electricity has been particularly bad these last two weeks in many areas.’
      • ‘Conflict over charges for electricity had helped to fuel boycotts in the townships.’
      • ‘The road was unlit in spite of the fact that power cables that supplied the town with electricity ran parallel to it.’
      • ‘On top of that there is no electricity medical services and even the water supply is below standard.’
      • ‘He said householders were all too aware of the continuing rise in energy and electricity prices.’
      • ‘The only thing that gives it away are the different shaped electricity pylons.’
      • ‘We're going through damage assessments and some people have had their electricity restored.’
      • ‘Higher electricity charges are also beginning to impact on the Consumer Price Index.’
      • ‘Today many of these buildings are in rubble, and food and electricity are in short supply.’
      • ‘Her address sounded good, but electricity charges and fuel prices are still increasing.’
      • ‘Exhausted helicopter crews scrambled to pluck desperate victims from trees, rooftops and electricity pylons.’
      power, electric power, energy, current, static, power supply
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  • 2A state or feeling of thrilling excitement.

    ‘the atmosphere was charged with a dangerous sexual electricity’
    • ‘As the sizzling days of summer approach, a charge of electricity fills the air of the gym.’
    • ‘The electricity between these two were just buzzing with excitement and with dangerous passion.’
    • ‘The electricity between Mattie and Jane's husband Mike has arced repeatedly over the years.’
    • ‘But is there some electricity between him and Lauren?’