Definition of electric organ in English:

electric organ


  • 1An organ (keyboard) in which the sound is produced electrically rather than by pipes.

    • ‘A generator thumped away in the far background, providing power for an electric organ that swirled Baroque accompaniment to the line of choristers singing their hearts out in front of the altar.’
    • ‘There was a modest electric organ sitting in the living room.’
    • ‘Entertainment was provided by an automatic electric organ.’
    • ‘Oboes, electric organs, glockenspiels and sleigh bells decorate the material, and the musical touches make one pine for an all-instrumental version of the album.’
    • ‘He showed me a small space in a comer by the vestry door where a few chairs and tables were gathered together around an electric organ.’
    • ‘There will also be arts and crafts activities and musical equipment - electric guitars, electric organ and bongo drums.’
    • ‘The theremin, ondes martinot, and even the electric organ sound like nothing really other than themselves.’
    • ‘Someone slipped it under our door when my father bought the electric organ.’
    • ‘To the relentless shaking of maracas, four electric organs inflate and deflate a dominant eleventh chord through the addition and subtraction of pitches and durations.’
    • ‘Prominently displayed on the video-tape was a stocky man with close-cropped hair playing an electric organ.’
    • ‘The tape of the celebrations, captured by a hired cameraman, shows al-Ali, a stocky man with close-cropped hair, as he plays an electric organ.’
    • ‘You can tell from the chord progression on the electric organ, from the whispery phone-sex vocal samples and the slightly ‘ethnic’ syncopated percussion.’
    • ‘By 1901, Thaddeus Cadhill had already manufactured the Telharmonium, an electric organ, powered by dynamos and designed to send sound down telephone lines.’
    • ‘There's also an Italian restaurant, a heated pool that can be covered in winter, a small gym and sauna, and a residents' lounge with electric organ.’
  • 2Zoology
    An organ in certain fishes which is used to produce an electrical discharge for stunning prey, sense the surroundings, or as a defence.

    • ‘The development of electric organs in E. electricus happens very soon after birth.’
    • ‘The electric organs are not made of individual electroplax, but are built up from charges of the epithelium, specifically the skin.’
    • ‘Here, we report a redox regulation of the function of ClC - 0, a chloride (Cl-) channel from the Torpedo electric organ.’
    • ‘They really only use their strong electric organ discharges for predation and defensive purposes.’
    • ‘The electric organ is located in the tail of a weakly electric fish.’