Definition of El Dorado in English:

El Dorado

proper noun

  • 1The name of a fictitious country or city abounding in gold, formerly believed to exist somewhere in the region of the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers.

    1. 1.1as noun an El Dorado A place of great abundance.
      • ‘And the sugar-beet fields all around, I know, will soon be transformed, each in their turn, into part of this El Dorado.’
      • ‘China's untapped cigarette market seemed to be an El Dorado for global tobacco companies looking to boost depleted sales margins due to a contracting First World market.’
      • ‘And now, two decades later, Todd and I have rediscovered this El Dorado of rock in the hidden corazón of Mexico, and we've climbed its apocryphal face.’
      • ‘Third is that the workers struggles for job security, against contract labour system and the making of an El Dorado.’
      • ‘Despite all this, the Kingdom is an eldorado for job and donation seekers.’
      • ‘Yes, there's lots of talk of an El Dorado of forensic evidence, a gold mine of forensic evidence, and that's clearly what they do have.’
      • ‘This densification of office and residential high-rises is new here, but the area has become an El Dorado for those interested in water sports, disco, and in-line skating.’
      • ‘While mining has excavated an El Dorado for both the company and the Indonesian Government, it has been an ecological, social and economic purgatory for the Papuans.’
      • ‘Perhaps this Atlantis, this El Dorado of suburbs does exist, but I for one couldn't be bothered travelling any further north to find it.’


Spanish, literally ‘the gilded one’.


El Dorado

/ˌɛl dəˈrɑːdəʊ/